A remarkable eye-opener on sexual energy

By Martin Gauthier

I take this opportunity to share my views on another of Elisabeth Haich’s books. This one, entitled Sexual Energy and Yoga, is another of my all-time favorites.

As it is the case with her other writings, Elisabeth Haich (1897-1994) delivers here brilliantly. She offers the most complete explanation of what sexuality is all about from a spiritual point of view. In vitro fertilization withstanding, everyone born on this planet is the result of a sex act, coitus to be more exact. While animals on the whole appear to view sex as an instinctive urge to propagate themselves and ensure the survival of their respective species, the carnal act, as we well know, takes a whole different meaning in the dominion of man.  Our sex drive not only fulfills biologically needs, it defines us socially as it implies courtship, seduction and other powerful emotions that can lead to violence, domination, submission and the like. Sex has become not only a way of life with us, but also a means to restrict or violate human rights and ensure power in many cultures.

Mrs. Haich takes the notion of sex to an unprecedented profundity. It argues quite convincingly that Creation is born out of a tension between the masculine (positive) and feminine (negative) poles and that no life is possible without this tension precisely because it is life. Because these two poles represented by a man and a woman strive for unity, the way they seek to attain it lies through sexuality. Although this act can never be satisfying due to the fact that the unity sought by the different poles remains impossible within one body, the drive remains and the search for satisfaction continues unabated, often in an unbridled way.

This is where ‘Sexual Energy and Yoga’ shines.  The book focuses precisely on this sexual energy. It presents it as a ‘link between spirit and matter’ and explains that man can achieve universal consciousness by harnessing it through Yoga, enabling the nervous system at one point to withstand  the high frequencies linked with this divine state of being.

And so it is not surprising that the most important chapter of the book deals with the practical side of transforming sexual energy to this end. It contains extremely useful warnings about dealing with this primeval energy and transforming the sexual urge it carries into the ‘higher form of creative power’.  Even though we must remain careful not to push ourselves too hard in the matter, the author insists on saying that her book “only has genuine value if we put into practice what has been written and try it out on ourselves”. This indeed is where the line is drawn between intellectual entertainment and spiritual achievement.

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